Wear silk hosiery with your summer fashions and no matter your age, your legs will look natural, even with open-toed shoes.

Silk hosiery is usually worn with skirts and dresses, especially in the workplace.  Now, toeless hosiery allows you to wear summer fashions and help your legs look healthy and natural.  No longer are the days of wondering if you should wear hose with your open-toed shoes.  Don't be afraid to show the seams of your hose - instead - go ahead and show your toes with toeless hosiery!

The debate continues on whether silk hosiery should be worn in the office.  Summertime brings that debate to surface every year.  With today's fashions, it's hard to do what's right.  Now with toeless hosiery, you can still wear your favorite summer dresses and shoes and still show off beautiful legs!

So what's the best way to choose your hosiery that's toeless?

  • To get hose that will make our legs look natural - like you are not wearing hose at all - choose hosiery with a low denier.  I recommend a denier of 10-15.  This will give you a sheer look without having to worry about getting runs or runners easily.  Your legs will still look natural, you will have a silky feel to your legs, and all the while you are wearing hosiery!

  • You want to choose a brand that has good color choices.  You want a color that's as close to an exact match to your skin color - so your toes won't look funny!

  • Wear a nude or light color on your toe nails so you don't draw too much attention to them.  Trust me, that expensive pedicure will get noticed naturally!

  • If you have extremely pale legs, choose the fairest, or lightest shade with the brand you choose.
  • Which toeless hose is the best to wear?

    Here are just a few that I recommend:

    Hanes Silk Reflections Transparent Sheer Toeless Pantyhose - made with a special yarn to help enhance the richness of natural skin, the reinforced, open-toed edge is the same color as the panty helping to give a natural look.

    Berkshire Ultra Sheer Hose Without Toes - a hose that is super light and ultra sheer will make your legs feel natural and has colors that will give you a natural toe to leg look.

    Hue Toeless with Control Lace Panty - the lightweight nylon glides against your skin for a smooth, flawless finish and has shaping benefits to help smooth your silhouette from panty down to your thighs.

    Now you can wear silk hosiery and wear your favorate summer fashions together.  Toeless hosiery helps your legs look natural and flawless while you wear your skimpy summer shoes!

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