Do you have sexy legs?

Is a pair of beautiful long legs considered to be perfect legs?

Some would say yes!

Here's why:

When you look around and see a woman wearing a short skirt and high heels, what about this woman makes you think she has the best legs you have ever seen, or wished you had? Have you really taken the time to define what about her legs you really like? It's hard to put into words exactly what the perfect legs are. Yet, when you see it, you'll know it, right? On this page I'm going try to explain what I think makes perfect legs!

Sexy legs have a good overall shape to them from top to bottom. I think the muscles in the upper thigh area should be tight and shapely as well as the area right above the knee. What I think is important is to look at a pair of legs and see that they are toned and don't jiggle or sag.

The first thing a man notices about legs is your
"leg cleavage"

The calf plays a very important role to the overall shape of the legs. The calf muscle in the back should have a slight bulky look to it, you know, tight and just a little wider than the shin. You don't want just a small patch of muscle in the calf. You want that muscle to be long and extending down as close to the ankle as possible.

The calf muscles should be toned enough that you have what my husband calls the "leg cleavage" but what I normally call an indentation running from the knee down to the ankle on the outside of the leg between the shin and calf muscle. See here in this picture how the indentation "the leg cleavage" - goes from the knee down to the top of the ankle? When your leg muscles are worked correctly, and you manage your weight, you should see this cleavage.

It can make you look like you have beautiful long legs! And keep in mind that if you are wearing skirts, this is usually the first thing a man notices about your legs!

If a typical women measures 5'4" in height with an inseam leg measurement of 29", her legs would then account for 45 percent of her overall height. This 45 percent is considered the right proportion for having average length legs. If this same woman has an inseam measurement of 30.5" her legs would then account for 48 percent of her overall height, a 3 percent increase and could then be considered to have the perfect legs.

I am 5'2.5" with an inseam measurement of 30.5"so my inseam measurement accounts for 49 percent of my overall height. So my legs would be considered proportionally long for my small frame. But again, you have to work with what you were born with, and High Heels help!

You must finish off the entire package to achieve
"Sexy Legs"

Let me try to explain further by showing you this picture on the right. I am hoping that this will show what I'm trying to say about toned and shapely muscles, and better what I think makes perfect legs. And let me say that sexy legs are healthy, smooth and tanned.

To help get your leg muscles in the shape I describe above, it's best if you follow my plan as I have outlined in this website:

-- review the exercises I think are the best and should get you the muscle tone described above - these work the thighs, the muscles above the knees and the butt;

-- look at the section on healthy eating in the weight loss section. If you want your legs to look their best, you have to work on the inside as well - get rid of the fat and stop yo-yo dieting;

-- go to the section on how to get smooth legs - when you show bare legs you want them as smooth as possible;

-- in my section on problem areas I talk about cellulite and spider veins. These are two of the most common problems that I believe can be easily treated;

I'm passing along the information I have learned and practiced over the years.

When you are finished - and you have your perfect legs - go ahead - show off your sexy legs.

"Follow my instructions in my Guide to get your perfect legs."

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