Sally Hansen Airbrush waterproof leg makeup, will help you get flawless, healthy looking legs.

Sally Hansen Airbrush - will give your legs a flawless natural look.  Ditch the pantyhose! and get the most natural looking legs with this waterproof leg makeup.

This product is designed so that you can spray right on your legs to get flawless looking legs.  This waterproof leg makeup covers and helps hide your freckles, spider veins, age spots, tattoos and other imperfections. While wearing this waterproof leg makeup you can go swimming and it will stay on until you wash it off with soap and a washrag.  It will not rub off on your clothes or bedsheets!  So you can feel comfortable wearing this in the summer with your shorts and sundresses!

Although this Sally Hansen Airbrush is a spray, I suggest you follow the directions and put a small amount at a time in your hands to apply.  After it drys,and if it feel cakey, just apply a small amount of moisturizer to your legs.  This too, will help give a more natural look to your legs.

  • Spray-on Perfect Legs in an instant
  • Flawless healthy looking legs from thigh to toe
  • Silky smooth to the touch
  • Optically slimming
  • Weightless
  • Long lasting
  • Transfer resistant (doesn't rub off)
  • Enriched with Vitamin K
  • Covers and helps hide freckles, veins and other imperfections


    Here are the colors you can get to help match your skin tone:
    Deep Glow, Medium Glow, Light Glow and Tan Glow

    "My niece used this and when I saw how perfect and flawless her legs looked, I knew I had to get some for myself. Having pale legs - the light glow works best for my skin tone - giving me a more natural look. It hides my imperfections better than anything else that I have tried."

    "I was skeptical at first about even using leg-makeup. I was afraid it would feel thick and rub off. This product is amazing. It is fast to apply, dries quick, doesn't rub off, and makes my legs look flawless. It masks the imperfections of my legs (the spider veins). It stays on really long and I even went swimming and it didn't run. This product is awesome!"

    "I love this stuff. Once this is on and dry it will stay on for days - if you don't wash it off. Doesn't rub off on your clothes or your sheets. It covers my imperfections so well and it's waterproof."

    "The Light Glow color is extremely natural. This shade is very realistic. Goes on smoothly and evenly - stays on long. Great for those summer legs."

    This Sally Hansen Airbrush spray waterproof leg makeup is a wonderful product.  The first complaint I have is the faulty spray nozzle.  It's happened several times - that you get one leg done and the spray nozzle gets clogged.  Last I heard the manufacturer was looking into correcting this. 

    The other complaint I have is that this can be very messy to apply.  If you spray it on - do so in the shower and rinse your shower immediately.  It dries quickly and can get clogged in the creases in the tub and wall.

    This product will hide your imperfections, stay on long, and won't rub off on your clothes.  It washes off easily with soap and a washcloth.  Some would say it's a little on the expensive side, but it's a great product to try.

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