Nice legs! Oh yeah, men have an attraction to them! "It's true - just ask them!" BUT NOT JUST ANY NICE LEGS - THE HOTTEST LEGS!

So what exactly are the hottest legs?

In a study conducted at Wroclaw University in Poland, regarding long legs, 218 male and female volunteers concluded that long legs are more desirable. Although the volunteers were the same height, they each had different leg lengths.

 Very long legs, those with an extra 10 percent leg length, were actually rated as less attractive. The most preferred were legs that were just 5 percent longer than the average leg.

So why is someone like Kylie Minogue, the singer, considered to have the "best celebrity legs," even though she is only 5 ft. tall? It's because her nice legs are proportionally long compared to her small frame. For instance, if a women measures 5'-4" tall with an inseam leg measurement of 29", her legs would then be 45 percent of her overall height. This 45 percent is considered the right proportion for having average leg length.

 If this same woman has an inseam measurement of 30-1/2" her legs would then account for 48 percent of her overall height, a 3 percent increase and could then be considered to have the hottest legs.

 I am 5'-2 1/2" with an inseam measurement of 30-1/2"so my inseam measurement accounts for 49 percent of my overall height. So my legs would be considered proportionally long for my small frame, and I am still within the 3-5 percent preference over the average leg length.

Dr. Boguslaw Pawlowski, from Wroclaw University, also said that long legs signal health. Short legs are linked with a higher risk of cardiovascular disease and type II diabetes and with higher levels of body fat called triglyceride, which is linked to the clogging of the arteries, heart disease, and strokes.

To me the hottest legs are legs that are well proportioned, toned, shapely - having indentations on the sides of the calf and thighs, are in great health, are smooth, tanned and shinny. Do you want to be that girl that walks through a room and men turn their heads to gawk?

"Let me tell you, it's a wonderful feeling!"

Men are visual creatures! It is said that the more leg a man sees and the longer they are the better. Men like women in high heels because they make the woman look more sexual by making her legs seem longer. This could explain why a lot of women choose to wear high heels!

While you can't do anything about the length of your legs or what your inseam measurement is, you can change how they look. It's not like you can hang upside down for a determined amount of time and your legs will grow, or put cement blocks on your feet and hope your legs will stretch! You have to work with what you were born with.

That's what this website is about. It's about doing specific things to get your legs shapely, toned and smooth. And if you get your legs in their best shape and you have short inseams, then I show you why wearing heels helps to give the appearance of having long legs.

If you want the nice legs men are so attracted to - let me show you:

How doing the best leg exercises could get you proportioned and shapely legs;

The best way to show off those pretty legs in stockings.

No matter your age, if you have toned, shapely legs - you can have sexy legs!

Let me show you what has worked for me. Men do have an attraction to legs and if you follow my guidelines, you could have the hottest legs men love!

What are you waiting for? - Get going girl!

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