Why is leg shaping the key to you possibly having the best legs you've ever had?

What are your leg shaping concerns?  What area of your legs do you need help with the most?  How do these type of exercises help?

You have some concerns about your legs and are looking for that miracle, easy fix. Let me tell you that there are really no easy fixes. I've learned over the years that you have to really work for what you want.

So what condition are your legs in right now? Are they overweight, too skinny, or do your legs just lack the shape you want? No matter what condition, you can shape your legs and get those great legs you've always dreamed of.

Leg shaping exercises target specific muscles that add shape and sexy details like "Leg Cleavage" to your legs.
This is why you came to my website!

If your legs are overweight or you have thick legs, aerobic exercising will change the size of your legs. You have to remove the fat off the legs before you will see muscle definition.

In order to have shapely legs - you must exercise the specific muscle as well. The exercises I mention in my website are ones that I'm sure you have heard of before.

But, maybe you don't know why a particular exercise is good for providing a certain shape or look to your legs that you are trying to achieve. When I mention an exercise, I will let you know what muscle it targets and what effect it should give you. That way you can mix the exercises around to help in your leg shaping quest.

If you really want shapely legs, then I want you to plan on devoting time to working the muscles necessary to getting the look you are trying to achieve. Be patient with your leg workout routine and be consistent. These leg shaping exercises are so important to getting to your overall goal.

Ready to get your legs in shape? -
Here we go:

I've mentioned that aerobic exercising gets rid of the fat in your legs by burning calories. But, performing strength training exercises are just as important for you, especially as we get older, because strength training helps to target and build the specific muscle you are working and help to burn calories as well. And the more resistance you put towards your muscles the stronger they will get, the faster you burn calories and get the muscles in shape.

I've grouped my exercises by the different areas of the leg they work.  That way you will have all the exercises together to choose from. As you get use to doing the exercises and start seeing definition in your legs, you can mix them up. This is always good because it helps to keep you from getting bored with your leg workout routine, but most importantly, each exercise works the muscles in different ways.

No matter what condition your legs are in, I highly recommend doing some form of aerobic exercising at least 3 days a week. This helps maintain the weight in your legs, and helps keep the muscles toned so that your strength training/target exercising, can work faster.

Exercises to work the Thigh Muscles:
When your thighs are in great shape - you can wear just about anything and look your best. I will show you the exercises that have given me great results quickly. Learn my variations from the standard exercises that have given me my quick results.

Exercises to work the Calf Muscles:
Actually, there is really only one good exercise for the calf - it's calf raises. What I show you are different variations to be sure you get a great shape and that 'leg cleavage' I'm always talking about. So what are the best exercises to get shapely calves?

Exercises that do well with the Resistance Band:
By now you know adding weight to your strength training exercises works your muscles harder, giving you quicker results. But what effect does resistance bands have on your muscles? What exercises can you do with the band?

Exercises to do when using Weights:
Why go to the gym when you can use minimal amounts of weights and do your leg shaping exercises at home and get the same results or better. Find out what exercises are easily adaptable to using weights.

Leg shaping takes time.  Be patient - but be consistent.  Work out the same day each week (usually no more than times a week, allowing a day to rest in between), and the same time of the day.  Your muscles will respond by giving your legs great shape!

Get working on your great legs! Good luck!

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