Hue Tights.  From their Opaque Sheer to Waist Opaque Tights to patterned tights to add flare!

Women most prefer the Opaque Sheer to Waist Opaque Tights for several reasons.  This is a 40 denier tights, a more sheer yarn, which makes it very soft and doesn't cling to your clothes.  Even though it's a sheerer yarn, this Hue's tights gives great coverage and you can wear them all year round.  Best of all, it's so durable, yuou can wash these in the machine and they don't snag, tear or run!

With sizes to fit anyone, and lots of colors to choose from, you can see why women love them.

  • 86% nylon, 14% Lycra elastane
  • Matte opaque
  • Non-Control Panty
  • Excellent year round medium weight coverage
  • Machine wash cold, no bleach, tumble dry
  • Sheet to waist
  • 40 denier
  • Soft
  • Great coverage
  • Year round wear ability

  • AVAILABLE SIZES: Small, Medium, Tall, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5

    AVAILABLE COLORS: Green, Pink, Black, Blue, Espresso, Geranium Hue, Graphite, Ivory, Navy, and Steel

    Read on to see how women just rave about these:
    "I purchased these to wear under my pants to work in the winter. They are very durable and I was very surprised that they didn't cling to the fabric of my pants. Very comfortable."

    "One pair of these tights lasted me an entire year. They are comfortable, soft, warm and they fit really well. I wash them in the washing machine and I can't believe how well they've held up."

    "These tights come in a very good black color. They run a little small in size so I just buy the next size up and they fit great! They are comfortable and wash really well."

    "I love these tights. The price is a bit higher than the Wal-Mart brand, but the quality is much better. Moreover, they last quite a long time and they are very comfortably."

    Hue tights are reasonably priced for the amount of wear you will get from them.  However, the only drawback from the Opaque Sheer to Waist Opaque Tights is not all colors are available in all sizes.  But you still get a lot of colors to choose from no matter your size.

    And, if you tire of Hue tights in solid colors, check out their line of patterned tights.  They have textured as well as tie-dyed tights!  There is so much to choose from to jazz up any outfit.

    Hue tights.  Which will you choose?


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