Control top pantyhose will give you great support even if you wear queen size hosiery.

One of the best ways to give you a smooth look and help with leg circulation, wearing these pantyhose will give you great support.

Girdles are a thing of the past now that control top pantyhose came on the scene and are so popular - are designed to provide extra support in the tummy, buttocks and even the thigh area.

The panty part usually has Lycra added to the nylon which provides a firmer hold, so it helps keep the tummy looking slimmer and more firm. While this will not completely eliminate women's figure flaws - it won't change your shape - and it will help give you a smooth, firm look - even if you wear queen size hosiery.

Because the panty part has a cotton crotch, you can go without wearing your panties. However, a lot of women feel more comfortable wearing their panties. The choice is yours.

It is advisable to follow the size chart on the package to be sure that you purchase the appropriate size for the best fit. If you get too small, it won't go all the way up the waist and the crotch can hang down a little. Then if you get too big, they could fall down and twist and sag. Not a very good look.

I said wearing this type of support hosiery will help with circulation in your legs.  How? By wearing these, you are massaging your legs while you wear them which, in turn, aides in moving the blood around your legs providing good circulation, which is important in the prevention of spider veins or varicose veins.

You can purchase these in plus sizes (or queen sizes), and tall sizes. Be sure to read the label carefully.

If you don't want this control, then you can opt for the sheer-to-waist which has no panty in it at all, which is great if you are wearing short skirts or evening gowns with slits.

The choice is yours.


Here's a couple of brands of that I like. They control and make your legs feel really great.
  • No nonsense Smart Support Control Top Pantyhose - Women seem to love these because they rejuvenate and reviatlize their legs. The special massaging action actually refreshes your legs all day long.
  • Berkshire Hosiery Ultra Sheer Control Pantyhose - The waistband is so comfortable it's easy to wear this all day. The Ultra Sheer has them guessing whether you are wearing hose or not!

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